Recently I have seen lot of Facebook account been h*cked and quite often people have asked me to help them recover their h*cked Facebook account, so today I have decided to break the ice on Facebook security and how to avoid been a victim of this stubborn h*ckers. Without getting you bored with talks let get into the details.

Now, before you get treated of any sickness your Doctor will probably run a test on you to know the real cause of your sickness, this is to enable him give you the right medication for your illness, same time when it comes to securing your social media account, you should be able to know how this h*ckers operate before attempting to stop them, so we are going to start by talking about the method used by h*ckers to h*cked people social media account.

There are two method use by h*ckers when it comes to breaking into people social media account without authorisation, this method include: 

Social Engineering

Guest Method


Social Engineering

Social Engineering is just like impersonation, this method is use my h*ckers to trick you into believing they are what they are not. This method makes use of the PHISHING techniques.

This is how this techniques works, the h*cker will code a site that looks exactly as the Facebook login page, this site is well scripted that if you are not a genius you will hardly differentiate it from the real Facebook, once the site is design the next thing is to trick you into getting on the side and this is how the do it; The will first start a chats with you on Facebook and after a while they will tell you either them or their friend is participating in an online contest and beg you to help vote for them or their friend, if you accept the next thing is they will send you the link of the PHISHING site they coded earlier on and once you click on that link you will be taking to a site that looks exactly as the Facebook login page, this way you will think you have been log out on Facebook so you will need to put in your logins detail to get back on Facebook, once you input your login details and click on login you become a victim as your Facebook details will be store on their data base which the will use to get access to your Facebook account at will.

Guest Method

This method does not need any software. The guest method shows how h*ckers think ahead of you. Now the mistake most people make is by using name of an event, their town, their spouse name, boyfriend/Girlfriend name e.t.c as their password some others foolishly use their phone number as Facebook password. When a h*"ker has made you his target he explore all possibility around you he keeps on trying at random these names and if you are that type then you will fall for it. I remember a time we were running an online registration for my friend elder sis, we were asked to verify the email used to enable us go ahead with the registration, we tried calling my friend sis and her line wasn't connecting so I started by guessing her possible password combination like her name, phone no, and so on it doesn't work, I enter the name of the town which we are living still it doesn't so I ask my friend if he know the year the email was created and he told me so I do a combination of the town with the name, something like "Abuja2020" and behold we found ourselves in her mail. My friend was thinking I performed a miracle. 

Keyloggers: This is a software/application people install in their device, this application/software stores all the keys you press on some one phone, for instance if the software or application is on a device and you log into your Facebook with same device it will record your password and key and store if. worst of it is that these applications/software work in the background you may not even see them on the device

Protecting Yourself From this H*ckers

There are three method you can use to protect your account from h*cker which are:

Since the Method of Phishing involve you imputing your details on insecure site the best way to stay out this is: Avoid clicking on links send to you through your social media account but if you must, then it is advisable you copy out the link and paste on your browser, don't click it directly from your Facebook inbox, copy it out and open it on your browser and if the link lead you to a site with Facebook login interface do not for any reason enter your Facebook details, just exit the site.

To avoid the Guessing method, do not use easy password such as name of your place of birth, mother, pet and so own, use a password easy to remember and difficult to guest.

It is very difficult to say we can't use other people device for log into our Facebook as sometime we may need to do something urgent and important but we may be out of data or battery, so the best way to stay safe from keyloggers is to have a password combination including special characters like " , ¥ ^ √ | \ ×" and so on, this is because the keyloggers doesn't recognize special character and will not store it. and another way is to always log out of your social media account from any device that is not yours.

Use of Two Factor Authenticator 

The best and guaranteed way to stay off hackers from Facebook is by using a two factor authenticator this way not just anybody can log into your account even if the have your password. Once you setup up the two factor authenticator on your Facebook account if any body is trying to use your Facebook account from any device different from the device you have used to access your Facebook account, a code will be sent to the authenticator app or your phone number for verification and without that code no one will ever have access to your device.

Next topic will be on how to set up you two factor authenticator and be free from h**ckers