It was a sunny Saturday and I was seating at the front of the house. Grandpa came out from his room dressed up in a white Jalabia ( a popular dress in the northern part of Nigeria), "Grandpa are you going out" I asked, yes he answered, I knew he was heading to join his friend in their usual palm wine joint, " Don't step your foot out of this compound when I leave, the last time I allow you to go out with those your useless friend Akisco, you went and stole Mama Peter fowl, till now we haven't finish paying her the money of that fowl and make sure you wash all the plate before your grand mother return from farm" Grandpa warned me, Take this 500 naira and buy fuel for the generator before I return he added. He left, I went to the Kitchen to gather the plate so I can wash, While i was gathering the plate I heard a voice screaming my name John! John!! this must be Akisco voice I said to myself, before I could hide the pot of soup I was licking Akisco was already in the Kitchen door, " how far john, Your Grandfather dey house" he asked, " no he went out" i replied, come make we go them Gbemka house na, AKisco said, noo Grandpa has warned me not to go out of the compound, I told him, "Them cook for there o" Ha at the mention of that word "Cook" my intestine started ministering to me , go go go go that was what I was hearing from the spirit realm, after all grandpa don't use to come back from the palm wine joint till 12 midnight even if he decided to return home early today it is better to be flog than staying hungry when I there is somewhere to eat freely and for the love of food I decided to go with Akisco.

But Akisco you know the soup weh them mama Gbemka cook so? I asked "cos if na anyhow soup I no go church o",  I no sabi the soup he replied but I sure say na better soup cos I been see Gbemga the buy palm oil and pepper for mama woma house the other time.

As we were going I saw grandma returning from the farm, John hide hide Akisco told me, see your grand mama the come, I ran and hide in an uncompleted building, Grandma work pass without noticing me.

When we reach Gbemga house, we saw Gbemga elder brother Friday pounding yam,  immediately Gbemga saw us as brother in the struggle, he already knew what brought us to his house he frowned his face and refused to answer us when we called his name, we knew he wanted us to leave immediately but then for the love of food we said to ourselves, we die here. Mama Gbemga was warming the soup when we approached her to great her, Akisco pip inside the port and whispered, "Na Chicken be that o" immediately i heard that word chicken, my mind is made up and I said to myself nothing will stop me from eating this food. " Mama Gbemga Good afternoon o"  we kneeled down and greet "Good afternoon my children, una come see una friend" before we answer yes, Gbemga shouted " Mama them no be my friend o" ah Gbemga want reject us now because of food abi, i said to myself, oya na make we see how you fit stop us na. To have assurance that we were going to eat the food we rush to help Friday, Gbemga elder brother in pounding the yam. After we finished they pounding we started our usual trick " Mama we done the go house o" Akisco said, mama Gbemga kept quite as we called mama again, Gbemga shouted " She done hear una na"  it was then mama Gbemga heard us and responded " My children where una the go make una sit down chop food with una friend na" that moment you need to look at Gbemga face, he almost swallow us, we seat down while mama Gbemga was serving our dish.

The food was serve and be begin garnishing our pounded yam with Egusi soup loaded with Chicken. " Eat on time and go call your father, he must be hungry now" mama Gbemga told Gbemga, in no time we garnish the whole plates of pounded yam given to us and Gbemga left with his bicycle to call his father. Mama Gbemga ask me and Akisco to park the plate to the Kitchen, I park all the plate Akisco insisted he must be the one to park the plate and we struggle for a moment before mama Gbemga intervened, she said since we both want to park the plate one of us should carry the pounded yam plate and the second should carry the plate of soup, we agreed and did exactly as she suggest,I never knew Akisco had another plan.

We got to the Kitchen Akisco insisted he must drink water, he got closer to the pot of water to fetch but end up opening the port of soup containing the chicken meat " Akisco" I call his name, guy shut up and come closer he respond, he removed the Chicken gizzard and the lap from the pot, he gave it to me and asked me to jump through the kitchen window, I did. How he manage to tell mama Gbemga how I suddenly disappear is a misery and yet to discover.

After escaping with the chicken meat I waited at a corner for Akisco to join me so we can share our meat. Akisco came took the Chicken lap and gave me the gizzard, I try to protest but Akisco resisted. While we were eating our chicken part we saw Gbemga returning home from where he was send to call his father, he saw us with the meat but since he left his mother at home he never thought the meat was stollen from their house, he beg for the meat and we cut for him we finished garnishing the meat and Gbemga returned home.

Gbemga got home and in no time his father arrived, Mama Gbemga went to the Kitchen to server her husband, she open her pot of soup and could not find her husband favorite part "Gbemga! Gbemga!! she shouted, come hear, " you done begin thief meat for pot again abi" she asked, " No mama, I no thief your meat o" "who come thief am if no be you" she gave Gbemga a very heavy knock, it was then Gbemga brain got open and he remembered about the meat we gave him. " Mama mama I been see Akisco and John for road the chop chicken meat".

We were seating behind Kizito shop when we saw mama Gbemga dragging Gbemga to our direction, before we could run mama Gbemga shouted thief thief thief, we were caught and given the beaten of our life by area boys drinking in Kizito shop. I lost my left eye that same day due to the beaten, it was then I realized if I had listen to Grandpa I wouldn't have lost my left eye.


Always listen to people above you, there is a reason God have place them above you to guide you.

Parent should always monitor the kind of friends their children keep.