Facebook business strategy

 With over 100milliom users Facebook is suppose to be the biggest hub for buying and selling of Products and services.

But most time marketers who take their products to Facebook always end up not achieving their goal, this is due to some factors we will be addressing here today.

At the end of article you will be equipt with the best strategy to drive massive sales from Facebook alone, so if your dream is on how to market your products and services on Facebook and be patronize this article is for, as I will be sharing with you proven strategies used my expert to market their products on Facebook for free, yes I mean for free, so all you need to do is to seat back relaxed and read to the end.

If you must achieve success using this strategies then you should read all lines carefully and understand a line before you move to the next line.

No doubt Facebook is the best place to sale your products and services but their are factors which usually affect making massive sales in Facebook. now let talk about this factors which include

1. Chosen the Right Profile

2. Chosen the right Audience

3. Chosen the Right Products

4. Advertising Strategy 

5. Been Consistent

Now let talk about the first items on the list which is Chosen the right profile.

Chosen the Right Profile

It is said that your appearance alone and the kind of people you relate with speaks volume about your personality, this is same thing about your Facebook personality, their are lot of scammers out their in Facebook and nobody will want to be a prey, so your Facebook profile should be able to represent you in a convincing manner and to achieve this here are few things you should consider:

 a. Display Picture (Dp): Since nobody want to fall for scammers people want to know who really the are dealing with on Facebook, so it is advisable you use your own photo as your profile picture, avoid using pictures of animal, Children and other things as your profile picture, a boast is to use an unedited version of your photo as your profile picture, and make sure you have numerous of your pictures on your Facebook, snap with friends, family member and upload this will convince your prospective client of how genuine you are. 

b. Your Timeline: Now don't only post things about your business on your timeline engaged in other discussion about religion, sport, polities and others on your time line, people will comment on these post and the kind of people that relate with you on those post will speak for your personality.

Sometime ago I was in a group of Web developers and some one posted in the group that his looking for a web designer, with over 12,000 members who will expect me to be given the Job, well I quickly commented and DM him after knowing my price and showing him previous work, his fear was how do I trust you are not one of those scammers, now to convince him I asked him to go to my Timeline, checked my posts and see those who commented on them, he should pick at random any of them any of them whose comment show how far he/she knows me, inquire from the person he choose about me and if I failed to deliver her should report me, well he did that and I got the Job.

Choose the Right Audience

Now your Facebook friends are your prospective client so you must choose the kind of friend request you accept and the one you sent. Firstly start by sending friend request to people that know you in real life that will be interested in your products, as time progress through this people you will meet other people who will be interested in your products, remember the goal is not to have thousands of friends who will end up ignoring your products but rather to have friends you can convert to client even if the are few, bet me if your products is good through this people you will meet others. Don't just send friends request to random people, now let say you are a lady and you want to sale male shoe and you only send request to female, the question is how many girls or women have bought shoe for their husband before?. Another thing is how you relate with your prospective client, now imagine selling male shoe and you don't like replying male message on your inbox, then do you think the will even feel interested in your products if you don't make them feel comfortable with you. If you want to succeed marketing your products on Facebook then you should be ready to answer everything question from friends no matter how dumb it seems.

Chosen the Right Product

Facebook business strategy

Now one thing you should have in mind that most people buy product from social media only if the cant find such products close to their location and you are the only option, how do you expect me to buy a singlet online when I can just walk down the street and pick one and return home? that not possible, even if am to do that then your own single should be different from the products close to me, maybe it should be more original from the one around me, so don't just wake up and begin to advertising any products online, let your products be unique and people will have no option than to buy from you.

Advertising Strategies

The success of any business is in the advertising strategy employed. I have watch on several occasion how people wrongly advertised their products on social media. Now one thing you should avoid when advertising your products online is the use of picture you download from internet to advertise your product instead use a picture of yourself holding your products to advertise this way people will be convince you actually have the products. Another mistake is to refer your client to your inbox when the ask the price of your products, this shows some level of insecurity, why are you afraid of disclosing the price of your in the Public if you are sincere? is either your price is too high and you don't want some one to expose you or you are trying to scam. If your products is worth it price then for sincerity you will disclose it and not referring people to your inbox. The best way to advertise your products is by reviewing it,  using personal picture for advert and advertising along side your products price.


If you must succeed marketing your products on Facebook you should be available to respond to your client. You must treat it like any other business out there, you can't just open your shop and go away, you have to be there so people can meet you when the want to buy, same way with doing business online, you need to always be available for your client. And another thing is do not advertise a product you don't have at hand except you are willing to make your client know they are pre-ordering, this is because your client are expecting delivery once they pay and if you failed to that will damage your reputation.

Lastly follow the above strategies and work hard and see yourself driving massive cash facebook.

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