The Nigerian Music industry is full of young talented men and woman whom have break through stereotype and now enjoying a worldwide recognition. In Africa no doubt Nigeria is second to known when it comes to the music industry. From African Queen,  Busy Body,  Sakem,  Skelewu,  Shakitibobo Nigeria has been exporting good music to the global world. Music is made in Nigeria that is why the likes of Tiwa Savage, M.I,   Banky W and Naira Marley had to return to Nigeria to advance their music career after staying abroad for yes.  We have one of the best music industry in the world. Due to the over flow of music talent in Nigeria no artist in Nigeria has ever maintain the top spot in the music industry for a decades. At a time we have the dou of Psquare, Style Plus,  Dbanj,  2Face and even Zule Zoo who seems to have conquer the industry. Not long after their arrival comes new crops of artist like Iyanyan,  Wizkid, Tecno, Olamide,  Phyni who appear as the face of future generation music in Nigeria until the arrival of Zlantan, Naira Marley and Joe boy. This is to say that it is an established fact there is a place and there will alwas be a place for new act in the Nigeria Music industry. Upcoming act just need to do the right thing to seal their spot in the industry.

In this post we will be talking about things upcoming act must do to be successful which involved making good music. When we talk about good music it incorporate pre production,  production and post production strategist. These strategist involved: Writing good lyrics,  Engaging good producers in your production, Mentoring and Featuring,  Promotions and Lastly Identifying your target audience.
Now let dive into details.

As an upcoming act your lyrics should be attractive carrying meaningful message and not just the vibes. Ever wonder why Olamide didn't start his music career with songs like pawon,  Motighana,  Wo or even Shakititi Bo? This is because Olamide knows the game. He started as a rapper and then his lyrics was could it was after having locating his fans base,  he stated singing just for the Dance. He knew his fans are from the street and then he keeps hitting them with pawon and the rest. Even the legendary Idris Abdulkareem debuted the music industry with tracks like Mr. Lecturer,  Jaga Jaga. Theses songs though not that good for dance steps,  they lyrics of this songs carried meaningful message that can't be ignored by Nigeria as the songs are center on happening around the Nigerian society. Sometimes the beat, voicing,  mixing and mastering is not just the problem but the communication. As an upcoming act write meaningful lyrics. Searched your environment and let your music carry the story your society will love to hear. People may not love your instrumental but the message your song is carrying will compelled them to listen to your music.
Just recently an upcoming artist from Taraba state,  Jayblinkz,  drop a track where he talks about issues surrounding pageantry in Taraba state. The music enjoy lot of attention and response locally not because it has a good instrumental or good production but because it was carrying a message every body wanted to hear. The song was listened to around Taraba but it never Cross Taraba border because it has it scope and limitations in Taraba. The Subject Matter is Taraba,  so those in Abuja,  Lagos,  and Kaduna have no business with the message. So if you want a breakthrough write a song with a message that affect the larger society and not just about your immediate environment, sing about something new. Touch Africa with your music.

Your instrumental,  voicing, Mixing & Mastering has a lot to so with the quality of your songs. Instead of paying 3000 - 5000 per track and recording multiple tracks over some instrumental downloaded online why not engage the service of a top notch producer,  that makes beat and have quality sound card for your production. Yes top producer charge huge amount of money for your production but it will be better if you produce one high quality tracks than producing 6 tracks with wacky sound.  The no of tracks you have out there does not make you a good artist but rather the quality of songs you have even if it is just one. That single track can bring you to limelight. Another thing is that linking your track production credit to a top producer give many people hope to listen to your tracks.

Breaking into the music industry alone now is difficult but doesn't make it impossible because artist likes Psquare,  Timaya,  Tecno both breakthrough without any mentoring or featuring top artist already making wave in the industry. Get an artist in the industry and follow contact him for featuring,  though many will charge you but there are lot of artist out there who will do it for you freely. Humblesmirth was able to have Phyno on his hit track Osinachi for free. Featuring has work and is still working for upcoming artist remember Wizkid,  got his fame after featuring Banky W, just recently Joe boy collaborated with Mayorkun on his hit track Don't call me back.
Upcoming artist signing upcoming artist is scum. Concentrate on your hustle and and leave other upcoming artist alone,  two blind men cannot lead each other.

You can't breakthrough if your music stays isolated. Big companies still do advert,  big artist still promote their songs so what are you waiting for. Get your songs on blogs, Audiomack, Radio stations, TV, Promote it on Twitter Instagram and facebook.  Get a quality blog with lot of traffic and promote your songs. Follow the blog and watch how your music is been promoted just don't pay bloggers and seat back. Uploading your songs and sharing the links on social media is not promotion. There are lot of good blogs out there that promote your songs for months,  one of these blogs im impress with is AREWAFOCUS the keep your songs on top of all page on there site for months,  the get your song across to Dj and Radio station for air play.

There is need to know who your music is targeting. Is it the youth,  adult, women,  church or the street. The likes of Naira Marley succeeded in the music industry because the know there audience and know the kind of song the love hearing so the just keeo hitting the street with the street kind of music. Imagine Naira Marley singing the storm is over to the guys in Ajegunle. Huh who does that? He will lost his audience then. Do your research,  have a target audience, research on the kind of songs the like and give it to them.

Above all Never give up. Work hard and I pray you succeed.