An African Woman

When you love a woman, then it will be your sincere desired to win back her love.
Many American authors in their publications have outline numerous method on how to win a woman's heart.

What this author dont know is that the mind of an African woman is different with that of a white woman. though African woman have change over the years, but the culture, prides and Morales that comes with been a black woman is what you can't take away from African Woman. Black women are naturally endowed with beauty and the knows it.

This article is focus on the mind of an African woman.
In this article we will outline the don't (things you should'nt do) if you want a black woman to stick to you and love you.

The heart of a white woman is easy to manipulate but if your desire is focus on the African woman, you must aim at understanding the psychology of an African woman which involves her mental, and emotional state of mind.
The number one thing to understand about a woman's mental state of mind is that women generally hate what the dont like. She may like everything about you but just that one thing you are doing and which she does not like could ruin the relationship and make her  call it a quit even if she already given you the Chance.

Sometimes you start a new relationship and all will seems well, all of a sudden things will fall apart and she will start avoiding you. You may keep wondering what really cause it, cos there wasn't a fight, argument, disagreement or quarrel. Why is she avoiding you all of a sudden. This has happened to most active guys in the league. And this is because she found out some kind of bad attitude which she's not cool with. In this article we will tell you about this habits that can cause you your relationship.

If you want an African Woman to stick to you. The best way to achieve this is to avoid they things she's not comfortable with, truest me if you can avoid the things she's not cool with then she can stick around you for a long while.
Now let look at some of this things women don't like.

An African woman


*Don't dwell in the past.
you have left your ex for a reason we know but what ever that reason is keep it to yourself. We are not European, no Black woman will want to be around a man who hasn't gotten over his ex. Even if she enquire about your past relationships, don't fall for that, tell her you don't feel comfortable talking about that and you are more concern about building the future with her than recalling the past. If you ever say anything about your ex then, then you are in for two things.
- Either you speak good of her
- Or you speak bad of her.
What ever you say stand a disadvantage to you. If you speak good of your ex her judgement may be that you still love your ex, if you speak bad thinking you may impress her, she will feel insecure thinking you may end up saying same thing about her if things get bad between you guys. If she choose to speak about her ex let her speak, that her and not you. You are more stronger emotionally you can handle her talk about her ex but the truth is she's is a woman and lack the emotional courage to contain you talking of your ex, that why they are call women ( Weak Opportunity Men).


African women also care about their reputation. They don't want to be caught up in Dramas like " she is after my money" or " she's a gold digger" if you are looking to keep her then avoid talking about what you have got, or how wealthy your parent are, truest me a lady that love you will never care about your wealth or who your parent are,  if she want wealth from man then she knows the right thing to do.


What you may not know is that women love their men tough, determine and courageous. Your a man be in-charge, dominate her and stand firm by your decision, if you alwas give in for her decision always, she will see you as a dummy and weak guy, and that will make you less a man. Be bold enough to tell her when she's wrong, don't ever apologize to her if she's at fault no matter her tears. Let her realize her mistake and apologize to you, if you ever apologize to her when she's the one at fault then be prepare for the worst as she will always use that to her advantage. Is your own game play it and be dorminant.


Black women love active men but that doesn't mean you should throw yourself around like a fool and speak without control. Be caution of what ever comes out of your mouth when your with her cos you can't swallow your words back. She's emotional and attentive, if you talk too much you will end up saying negative things which will affect the way she sees you. Don't claim knowledge of everything, for instance you may be with her and she will start talking about places she have been too, and all that, because she talk about places she have been too doesn't mean you should also say you're own, instead just pay attention and listen to her. Infact the best way to understand a woman is to pay more attention to her, then you will discover lot of hidden things about her. If she ask you question be brief except when the subject matter is of interest to her and she really need to know more.

An african woman


You may have watch movies like: Love and Basketball, When Harry meet Sally and other collections of American movie where best friends fall in love and probably you want to try such tricks on an African woman, well the thing is we are Africans and not European and the mentality of an African woman differs. Even if she loves you as an African Woman she has her pride to protect. She expect you to say it out don't make assumption and keep hanging around her waiting for a whole lot of time to voice out. She has lot of guys after her and if you keep hanging around as a friend waiting for the right man then one day she will introduce her guy to you and that will kill your dream of having her, she will end up believing your not bold enough to say your mind and African women feel more comfortable with men full of courage. Tell her you love her and let her decide if she says no, there is nothing to panic about after all na love you love you no kill person.


Well given a woman attention doesn't mean you should be calling her like 4-5 times a day or visiting her always. Given a woman attention means you should attend to her need, listen to her and visit her but not that frequent. Avoid leaving many missed calls on the notification of her phone screen. If you must call her more than once then it should be twice. If she doesn't pick up after the second attempt then she could be busy or something be patience and wait for a return call. And when she does never ask her why she didn't pick your call, just talk if she want you to know she will tell you without you asking.


you are not born attached to anybody, if you can stay in the womb for 9 good months without talking to anybody then nobody should be force into your life. If you ever let a woman know you can't do without her then be ready for frustration cos she will frustrate you. Respect your self first and everyone will respect you, don't go out there taking lot of shit in the name of Love. You are special so be tough too a lot of ladies out there want you. Just be you and never fake anything for love.