On Taraba news today
Regard as Nature's gift to the Nation,  Taraba State is still unlucky in terms of good governance.
Taraba is bless with vast natural resources still untapped.
From fertile land,  Abundant fish and favourable weather,  Taraba state can still excel when it comes to tourists attractions.
It resources are distributed evenly across the 16 local government area in the state.  With appropriate attention Taraba state have the capacity of becoming and industrial home for investors interested in agricultural products like Rice,  palm oil, Cocoa, Groundnut,  Benny seed millet and even fish.
When it comes to tourism Taraba state is not left behind.  The Barup Water fall in Gembu,  Gashaka Gumti National Park,  Donga River Basin,  Mbarikam Mountain and Mambilla are just  perfect locations for tourism. Taraba state is losing billions of naira to this unexploited places.
Even with this potentials investors are running away from the state due to the inability of the state government to provide adequate security to the state
Governance in Taraba state have been from worst to worst.

Mbarikam mountain
Mbarikam Mountain 

Jolly Nyame
In 1999, Jolly Nyame became the first democratical elected governor of Taraba of Taraba state.
Jolly Nyame was responsible for Taraba State Broadcasting Station TSBS,  Taraba State Television,  Jolly Nyame Stadium,  Taraba Motel,  Taraba gas and Takum General hospital.
Jolly show little concern about security,  and neglected the opportunity to birth an independent and Industrious Taraba State.  He has little or no concern about Internal Generated Revenue (IGR)  but was banking on monthly allocations from the federal government to govern the state, after 8yrs in governance it became necessary for Jolly Nyame to step down from governance.

in 2007, Danbaba Suntai took on the mantle of leadership in Taraba state,  like a bulldozer he was touching almost all sectors in the state,  and to Taraban finally the Messiah has come to rescue his people.
His project were numerous starting from the construction of 6km road in all 16 local governments,  Taraba state specialist hospital Jalingo,  Taraba State University and Jalingo airport. Danbaba was instrumental to the birth of modern Jalingo city. He was a no nonsense governor with security of his people as top agenda. Then the wages of Taraban was of little concern,  he reportedly refused to implement the 18,000 naira minimum wage sign into law by former president Goodluck Johnathan and his eyes were distance away from the vast potentials that lays in Taraba state. He has no will of industrializing the state.  Not long into his second tenure Danbaba was involved in an auto crash,  not fit for governance his deputy Umar Garba took over in acting capacity.

Umar Garba
No doubt Umar has a good interest for the state,  he build upon the legacy left behind by his boss,  and where Danbaba fail,  Umar makes corrections.  Few days in office Umar,  called for the Swift implementation of the 18, 000 naira minimum wage , complete the construction of Takum General hospital and appropriate attention was given to School of nursing Jalingo. His days in office was full of controversy as certain political figures in the state became afraid of the sudden popularity Umar was gaining courtesy of his goodwill. This figures sees Umar as a threat to their agitation of power shift to southern Taraba and hence they plotted for the removal of Umar from office using Sani Danladi. umar governance was truncated through a lingering case between Sani Danladi and the Taraba state house of, assembly at the supreme court. Umar Days in office was of no regret except for the selfish people of Wukari local government who want to gain all at the expense of Taraba state.
After the exit of Umar,  comes Sani Danladi,  the way maker. Sani came in with a script,  and his role was to do anything possible to make sure Darius Ishaku win the 2015 election.  Sani's achievement was Darius winning the election.

Darius won the election and drums were roll out in sourthen Taraba,  every where was full of merriment to them their son is the governor and in no time Takum - Ussa road will be given appropriate attention with the dream of establishing the hub of palm oil production in Ussa coming to reality,  Wukari road will be completed to ease the transportation of yams from chanchanji to Wukari Yam market and then Wukari Yam market will become an international trade center for yam exportation. Darius first tenure in office saw the revamping of Jalingo water board,  Upgrading and Digitalizing of TTV,  the green house construction,  Road construction in Magami and the Renovation of Wukari General Hospital.  Darius focus more on renovations than starting his own project. The green house project which consumed over 2billion naira has no visible impact on the state. The people of Taraba believe they deserve more than just renovations.

Security Challenge Facing Taraba
Under governor Darius,  insecurity was at it peak with crisis and kidnapping taken over. Under governor Darius a seating member Taraba State house of assembly,  Hon. Hosea Ibi was kidnapped and gruesomely murdered in Takum. Wukari and Donga has become the training ground of Tiv Militias,  to an extent the people of Wukari no longer ask for development but just the security of their life's and properties.

Opportunity Under Governor Darius.
Governor Darius has more opportunity than any other person who rule Taraba state. Under Governor Darius,  Taraba state received Paris refund,  Bailouts fund and he also received the payment of road constructed by Danbaba Suntai on behalf of the federal government.

However it is too early to conclude Governor Darius is the worst,  as he still have three years to print his name on gold.