As a guy getting the phone number of a lady may seems difficult to you. This may be due to a wrong method in approaching her.  In Today's post we will be talking about the best tricks any guy can used to get a lady contact,  address with less stress. 

The world is now a global village connected together with the used of the internet. With inventions such as Facebook,  Snapchap, Twitter,  Instagram you dont necessarilvy need a girls phone number when you are just meeting her for the first time. 
Now why not ask her for her APP details (i.e her social media username). One thing most guys fail to realise is that ladies feel more comfortable given out there social media username name than phone number.  This is because the feel more secure and comfortable on social media,  and have more control of their social media account. Your just meeting her on the street and your still a stranger,  she is yet to know you,  but getting connected connected on social media gives her the opportunity to know you better as there are a lot of information she can access about you on your social media profile.  At the view of your profile then she can decide weather to get connected to you or not. Another reason reason ladies easily give out their social media ID instead of their phone number is that they are in charge of all activities on their social media account so she can block you at anytime she feel uncomfortable about you. So it is more preferable to ask a lady for her social media username than jumping straight to ask of her phone number. 90 percent of ladies out there,  will easily give out there media username if you ask. From social media if things get better then you can get her number easily. Social media also give her the opportunity to know how you relate with people and all that. 

Trick number 2 is for guys who still preferred her phone contact than social media details. This maybe that either the guy/ lady is not active in social media or for other reasons and you just want to collect her number. This trick is most effective with bold,  smart and intelligent guys as it requires you to deployed youn courage and cast away your doubt. Mistakes guys often make when asking a girl for her number is expressing uncertainty if she will agree to give you the number or not,  no you dont need to express your doubt before her,  remember even the bible said one should ask with thanks given. Meaning when you ask God for something thank him, that shows you have faith and remember faith can move mountain. So avoid using the word "CAN" when asking a lady for her contact as the word implies uncertainty, take for instance can i have your phone number?  This spelt out your fears so you shouldnt use it.  Instead assume she likes you and use authoritative words like, hey your phone number or just give her your phone,  while given it to her say " here your phone number"  the most effective method is to give her the phone without saying a word. Truest me she already know why you give her your phone but if she ask why then say "common you know what to do with that. Just do the right thing". Instead of asking her for her phone number why not ask her to give you her phone,  in that way you can save your number to her phone and text or beep your line. 

If you collected her number her social media ID or you are just meeting her for the first time through social media then there are certain things you should fix in your profile which are: Avoid posting awful and disgusting pictures. Avoid posting food, Update your dp constantly with your cute portrait, avoid using groups picture with your friends dp,  update your social media profile with reasonable and interesting things about you like where work, schooled and even things you are interested on. The first thing ladies do when the meet guys on social media is to check his profile,  so keep it cool and tight. If you are just meeting her the first in social media then next task is how to start and maintain an interesting conversations. Starting a decent conversation with some one your meeting in social media for the first time is difficult,  as you dont even know how to start the conversation.  Most guys start the conversation with questions upon questions. Asking a lady,  how are you,  where you from,  what do you like,  where do you live,  how are your parent is wrong and dumb. Girls get frustrated with so many question after all this is not an interview. You have her profile to your own advantage,  visit her profile and learn few things about her. That will give you and idea
On how to start. Take for instance you visit her profile and check her photo,  you saw a picture she snap some where you have been to or know,  you could start the conversion with hey,  i saw your pic on so so.....  Are you from there or you snap on a tennis court,  you play tennis?  Just pick anything from her profile and start the conversation. Because you just talk about something she like then she is most likely to reply you. Avoid flattering, dont just try starting the conversation with flattering,  in as much as ladies love to be flatter they want it real,  and you cant be real with flattering when your just meeting her. 
So now that you start a conversation with her,  is time to get what you want, the best way to ask for her contact is to also use something she's cool with. You can say hey,  i see you like goin to ...... Me too can we hook up there,  she is most likely to say yes then drop no. Hey here is my number meet you there,  and since she wont want to water her airtime calling you,  she will also drop her number for you to call.