With the covid19 virus shutting down the whole world,  lot of people are now lock down at home feeling bored and wondering when this is gonna end,  bored at home?  Others have wasted more time in the last couple of days surfing on the internet and getting engaged in unreasonable discussion in the social media, Why not make use of your time to read some interesting books.

If you ever wonder what you could do to reduce at lockdown?  In this post we have compiled a list of lot of books you can read while while staying lock down to reduce feeling bored,  we also provide useful information on where this book can be access and downloaded.

The first on the list is


pride and prejudice is written by Jane Austen, in the year 1813, pride and prejudice is an interesting novel that emphases on Marriage,  Proposal, Love, Romance, and Wealth.  The book feature the following character Mr Darcy,  Elizabeth, George Wichman, Caroline among others,  a copy of this book is available at Amazon for jJeremy token.


Outlander is a fictional novel with special focus on Romance and Adventures,  outlander was written by Diana Gabaldon an American writer in the year 1991.
with over 26 millions copiies sold world wide,  the book outlander has earned the author an award of the best Romance Writer in 1991.


The book Fifty Shades of Grey was published by vintage books,  in the first week of it released fifty shades of Grey earned the author a whooping sum of 95 millions dollars. The book was published in the year 2012 with it movie premium in 2015, this is just another book you will read over and over again. A copy of this book can be gotten at Amazon and you can also download the book online at

The notebook


The Notebook is a novel written by Jeremy Leven, the book focused on love and romance,  it movie was produce and release in the year 2004, Directed by Nick Cassavtes, feeling bored?  You can try out the interesting novel with it movie which is now available on Netflix's.


The wedding day was originally produced in the year 2018 by Jasmine Guilory,  the author Jasmine Guellory has written over 5 interesting Romance novel,  Jasmine is a Newyork Times Bestseller. You can grab either the hard copy or electronic copy of the book on Amazon and other online stores, the movie is also available for your viewing pleasure.


the Thorn birds is a romantic drama book by Colloen McCollough an Australian writter,  Colloen has written other interesting novel including The Letter,  and The Ladies of Missalongh


First on the list of Horror Novels is


Head Full of Ghost is specially for lovers of Horror novels,  the novel was written by American novelist,  Paul G Trembley,  the novel with over 304 pages focus on an American family under pressure when their daughter, Marjorie,  14 started displaying sign of mental disorders.  The novel is so fascinating,  if you love horror novels then this is just another novel you can't afford to miss.  It movie was produced in the year 2015 and has won the Bram Stoker Award for Novels,  the novel was published by Williams Marrow.


The Terror is a story that has the fiction account of captain John Franklin in 1845, the novel was published in January,  8 2007 by Dan Simmons,  the novel fall under the category of historical fiction and has won the  INTERNATIONAL HORROR GUILD AWARD FOR BEST NOVEL,  the first edition of the novel has over 784 pages centre on Franklin lost expedition in 1845, the story is so interesting that many who were gist about it asked,  is the terror a true story?  Who wrote the terror ? The story line is so interesting.


The first on the list of vampire novel is:


the novel Carmila was published in the year 1972 by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu,  an Irish Author,  the novel has a fascinating story about vampire,  due to it interesting storyline,  the novel has been adopted by many movie producers,  in films and other media,  the story is center on Vampire Lesbian,  The Carmilla book pdf is available free online.


First on the list is:


Island of the Blue Dolphins was first published in the year 1969, by Scott,  the novel story is focus on an eighteen year old girl called Karana,  this is an interesting novel for lovers of cartoon characters.



This is a very interesting novel that many who were brief about the book pick so much interest on it,  many have ask me few questions about this novels like,  is there cannibalism in the Lord of flies?  What is the main message of the Lord of flies.
The novel was published in the year 1954 by Williams Golding,  the story is center on a group of boys lost in the island struggling for supremacy.

Please if you have any other interesting novel not mention please drop it on comment session.