Arewa woman

Men who desire to keep their woman always have three questions running through their mind,
1. What does a girl want in a relationship?
2. What a mature girl want in a relationship
3. what women want from men

Men who ask this questions are primarily concern about the happiness of their women.

In this post of what every woman want but won't  tell you,  we will try as much as possible to answer the question of,   What does a girl want in a relationship?,  What a mature girl want in a relationship,  what women want from men.

Women are beautiful creature and the most unique in God creation,  finding the right woman is more difficult because to bring out  the best in a woman you must be able  to do the things she really want from you as a man.

This is the most difficult task infact it is more difficult than getting rich,  cause you could have all the money in the world,  buy all the good things you desire,  stay around the most beautiful woman in the world but you can't buy love.

Now if you want to make a list of what women want from men,  you will end up making an endless list,  because women want almost everything but only few things about those things she want could actually win her heart for you if you provide it.

If you are among the circle of men that want to find out,  what women want from men then I will advice you to seat back and read carefully all through,  cause you are about to learn what no woman will ever tell you,  this will give you an inside of how to manipulate and wind the love of the woman you love.

Most men have agree that meeting a lady is more easy than trying trying to keep her,  this is because most men failed to realize what women want from money.

1.Now as a man the first thing you should know is that women want Attention,  unlike men who will prefer to hang around with friends at free time at the club,  bar and so on,  most women want it simple,  the just want to hang around you,   this is because hanging around you give her the kind of security and reassurance that she want. To give a woman attention doesn't mean you should always be with her,  no,  the attention the need include always listening to the silly things she say,  respond to her when she talk,  don't always let her remind you about things she told you about her self,  and always check on her view text.
This give them a sense of belonging and she feels some one some where actually care about her.


2. Is to Maintain a Sense of Humour: women are naturally not jokers,  only few of them are quite funny but if you ever want her to feel comfortable around you then have a sense of humour,  appreciate her jokes,  agree to it and laugh with her,  yeah the hate it when their men is always that serious and have no time for joke,  you must not be that Jackie guy all the time,  make up time for fun.

3. Maintain personal hygiene and look good, yes,  personal hygiene is not only for your health alone but also a powerful tool of attraction,  your mode of dressing and appearance speak volume of you,  cut your nails,  shave or trim your bears,  shave your hairs,  dress cool,  you may not necessarily break the bank to look good for her  and yourself,  there are lot of customs out there with low budget that can make you a center of attractions,  women love to show off,  you don't expect her to introduce you to her friends and you are looking mess up,  dress good and keep it mature.
now another secret under personal hygiene is to smell niece,  get yourself some spray out there and use,  let it be your brand,  avoid changing your perfume constantly, as if you stick to one perfume and body spray,  anytime she perceive the smell of your favourite perfume,  the first thing on her mind will be you and she will for that moment think about you.

4. Women love to be appreciated, so even when she does nothing appreciate her, appreciating a woman doesn't mean telling her Thank you,  but you can appreciate her by presenting her gift,  you mustn't give her the whole world,  for women little things count,  appreciate her words also,  tell her she is beautiful and often remind her how your world Would have been empty without her, appreciate the things she wear,  she have put in a lot to look good for you don't wait for her to ask you how she look,  tell her she is beautiful and you like her friends.

5. The always their men to stand in for them,  women are weak mentally, emotionally, and even physically that is why the need to be be protected,  supported, and, encourage , don't let people treat her wrongly in your presence , stand for her when she need support , do not correct her in public she may feel embarrass.

6. They want to be involved in your Decision,   plan stuff out with her,  dont got her unaware else she will feel less important to you,  tell her your plans and hear out her own contribution.

7. They love cuddling,  hold her close to your arms,  play around and whisper sweet words into her ears, this make her feel secure,  and at the point of cuddling she will forget what ever problem she is  facing.


8. They love to be respected,  if you ever love her and want to keep her then you must learn to respect her,  respect is reciprocal don't try to dominate her,  respect her,  respect her decision and feelings.

9. They love boldness and courage,  don't be a weakling,  be bold and courageous, make your decision and stand by it,  don't be a procrastinator,  do what you say,  your the man so always let her know your in charge. She feel secure around you if you are bold cos when the need arise you will protect her.