DJ Abba:

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Dj Ab with real name Haruna Abdullahi is a hip hop artist from Kaduna state,  northern, Nigeria,  born on 28 September. When it comes to hip hop then Dj Ab is addressed as King of the North , he has left no stone untouched when it comes to hip hop,  the supper hit marker from the north has been dishing out inspiring hip hop tracks from back to back. His Music is motivated by Hausa slangs with a fusion of English,  it is a great fallacy to love hip hop and hate DJ Ab,  from his inspirational love story "Soyayya" to Ke dani,  the King of the north has been outstandingly doing great taking over the hip hop crown in the north.  DJ Abba cofounder Yaran northside with Jigsaw,  Lil Prince among others,  the birth of Yaran North Side paved way for the making of major tracks like Yaran north side cypher and Da so same ne,  Dj Abba is the present and future of hip hop made in the north.
He was nominated and won the City people award of the year 2019.


Classicq also known as Arewa mafia is an established artist product of the north,  classiq is a renowned Nigeria hip hop artist and a rapper from Bauchi. His real name is Luka Barnnabas , he was born September 21St 1992. Just like Phyno,  Olamide  and Naira Marley,  Classiq is putting the northern music in the map. In 2007 Classiq collaborated with MI Abaga to produced a track tittle "Gudu" since then classiq has become a non stop force in the music industry moving on to produced sensational tracks like "I love you" that spark the whole atmosphere in the north,  he was able to win the northern audience with his lyrics and he has go on to drop other hit tracks like Anfara,  up and away. His currently been sign to  up north music a subsidiary of chocolate city. Classiq also won the City People Music Award for Arewa Artist.

Victor Mapuna Romtom

Not well known,  Victor has been in the northern music industry for a while now,  Victor is from Taraba state and share the same local government area with Iconic MI Abaga,  though yet to find fame,  Victor is an energetic and impeccable artist with many hit songs to his credit,  he has once turned down an opportunity worth millions of Naira from Kennis Music,  his lyrics composure is one of it kinds. Many who have heard tracks like Polily,  Kansy yeh,  could not hold their words than to confess that Victor is a vibe killer.


Born in 1992, Kheengz real name is King Bawa,  and he halls from Niger State,  Kheengz is a stylish rapper and when you talk music in the north then you can't just ignore him,  his among artist who brought limelight to hiphop made in the north. In 2011 he release his first ever studio album titled "Voice of Arewa" where he future top artist like Erriga and DJ Abba.
Tracks in the album include Home alone,  Amariya,  Rash Karra among others.


Morell,  Musa Akila is a hip hop,  RnB and pop artist from Borno state,  born and brought up in Bauchi State,  his impressive and full of composure,  in 2016 he was nominated and won the City People Music Award for Hausa pop tracks by Kannywood,  two years later,  he won the city people award for best RnB,  his not just popular in the north but a figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry,  he has collaborated with the likes of MI,  Phyno,  Reminisce,  Olamide and classiq.


Source: Salz Twitter Account 

Sals the first female on the list is a graduate of prestigious Ahmadu Bello University  Zaria,  not well known Sals is well equip to take on the northern entertainment industry,  her musical career started way back in ABU Zaria,  performing from shows to shows, her voices and performance gain her the admiration of a large audience,  she put a paused to her musical career and resume in 2018 with a cover of Alicia song " We are here"  she titled her own version "Muna na" the song center on the troubles in the north. Sals returned to music was a delight and this time around she is not given up.


If there is a 2pac some where then I can bet it BOC. Ever since he started his musical career BOC has been putting the Hausa hip hop  on the map with his rap skills,  he was born and brought up in Bauchi. BOC was also a nominee for the legendary kannywood award " the city people". BOC rap mostly in Hausa with a little fusion of English and Pidgin,  he has produced top rated songs like material,  Sabuda,  Dari Dari,
BOC remain the King of his game.


Source: Dija Twitter account 

Known as Hadiza Bell,  Dija is a superb artist from Kaduna State, when signed into Marvin by Don Jazzy,  there was little or no record about her,  Dija break through stereotype and stormed the Nigerian music industry with her song "Awww" she became a force to reckon with and Her name became a household name. Her track "Rock Steady" was nominated for best Urban/RnB single in the year 2007 by Canadian Radio Music Award. She has collaborated in the following hit track,  Looku Looku,  Adaobi,  Dorobuci and Jantamatha. Dija is a citizen of Nigeria and Sierra Leone,  she is married to Rotimi and on December 14, 2019 Dija and her darling husband welcome their third child.


You can't talk music in the north and ignore KEVINWORDS,  he halls from Kaduna and is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria,  in 2014, Kevinwords was regarded as King of rap in the north after he freestyle for exactly 4hrs 16 minutes,  though Kevin maintain his relevancy the arrival of Dj Abba and Classiq change the direction of the game.

though Jigsaw is not  a well known figure in the north music industry,  the Yaran North side artist has been quite impressive in major collaborations. He collaborated with Mickey, Deviper who is another top artist from the north.
Jigsaw was also featured by Dj Abba In a track tittle " Sallemeni"  his also feature in YnS cypher and Da su sameni.

There is no doubt with the support of Dj Ab,  Jigsaw is here to stay for a long time.